Bamboo Straws are excellent plastic straws alternativ

Bamboo straws wahapy vietnam 2021

Why do we need to use bamboo straws instead of plastic straws? In our daily life, it is normal to consume plastic straws. Relevant data shows that the accumulated output of plastic straws nationwide in 2019 reached nearly 30,000 tons, equivalent to about 46 million USD. Some industry experts said that the life of plastic straws is usually only a few minutes, but decomposition time can be up to 500 years, difficult to recycle and puts great pressure on environmental protection.

What is the alternative to plastic straws?

The ‘opinion on further strengthening plastic pollution treatment’ indicates that by the end of this year, the food industry across the country has banned the use of disposable plastic straws that do not decompose. The ‘New Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste’ comes into effect this year, and fines from 10,000 to 100,000 USD are imposed if not complying with the regulations. Today, more and more companies are taking action to restrict plastics.

Taking into account consumer habits, especially for stores that rely heavily on straws, finding suitable replacement products and guiding customers to use has become a top priority. Among them, bamboo straws have been supported by Wahapy Vietnam for free to test and have also been used in some countries and regions around the world.

Bamboo straws wahapy vietnam 2021

Advantages of bamboo straws

Bamboo straws, also known as bamboo straws, are exquisitely made from original ecological bamboo, without chemicals or dyes, even if ingested accidentally, it is not harmful to human health. The raw materials of bamboo straws have been drained and UV-ray dried, so when used, they will not be broken, runny or moldy, or smell the characteristic aroma of bamboo.

It is worth mentioning that each bamboo straw has its own personality. For example, a bamboo arrow could be made into about eight bamboo straws, from the thickest bubble tea straw for powdered drinking to the thinnest infant straw to meet different needs. of consumers. Drink water, drink milk tea, drink soy milk … suitable for all needs

Bamboo straws can be reused, after each use, just rinse with clean water and the straw brush attached, very convenient. Once the straw is disposed of, it can be completely biodegraded in the environment within a few months. In addition, bamboo is one of the fastest growing trees in the world and is very sustainable.

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What is a bamboo straw?

This bamboo straw is made from traditional Vietnamese bamboo material, handcrafted by skilled artisans.
Bamboo was chosen as the raw material for the production of straws because bamboo is a very popular plant that grows quickly, so this material is cheap, friendly, and especially less energy-consuming when making paper straws. Plastic

Talking about safety, you can be completely safe with the safety and hygiene of bamboo straws. Just like the wooden furniture in the house, you just need to preserve it properly, this bamboo straw can be reused many times without worrying about problems of mold, bacteria, … also does not affect people’s health. Consumed by chemicals, pigments.
Natural straws are handcrafted from talented artisans with specially selected special bamboo varieties. Going through many traditional production steps, natural chemicals are free of chemicals, truly an environmentally friendly and safe alternative for the health of users.
Bamboo straws are straight, very durable, and have natural shape and shape like conventional straws, so they are easy to use in everyday life. The length and size are equivalent to a common straw, 20cm, diameter 7-8mm, so it is quite comfortable to use.


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